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Cashmere goats
gemma with baby goat

Welcome to Cashmere Slipper Co.

We are your one stop online shop for luxury cashmere clothing and accessories.

Hi, I'm Gemma.

My passion for cashmere first began while working in my father's knitwear factory in the UK Midlands during school holidays. Later, after pursuing my own career, I decided to take a break and assist him in his growing cashmere business.


Recently, I wanted to pursue my love for beautiful design, mixing it with comfort and focus on contemporary pieces and colour palettes. And so, Cashmere Slipper Co was born!


All our products are expertly crafted using the finest quality, sustainable, pure Mongolian cashmere. Our cashmere is hand combed from free goats who live in the Mongolian steppes.

Cashmere originated in Mongolia in the 14th Century.


local artisans would spend hours hand-spinning the exquisite hair into fine yarns, which were then transformed into beautiful garments.

Today, and the magic of cashmere continues to captivate fashion lovers around the world.

The ultra fine fiber comes from the soft undercoat of the cashmere goat and is renowned for its incredible softness and warmth.


Here at Cashmere Slipper Co, we delight in bringing you the finest, most luxurious cashmere garments and accessories available.

We're committed to quality, sustainability, and ethical sourcing and we are proud to offer you the best of the best in cashmere clothing.


From cozy slippers to elegant scarves, our collection is crafted from the softest fibers, ensuring that you stay warm and stylish all year around.

- Gemma

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